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History, Laws, Charges, Orders,
Regulations, and Usages,
Right Worshipful FRATERNITY
                                                          Collected from their general RECORDS, and
                                                                their faithful TRADITIONS of many
At the Admission of a NEW BROTHER, when
the Master or Warden shall begin, or order some other
                                                                             Brother to read as folllows:


ADAM, our first Parent, created after the Image of God, the great Architect of the Universe, must have had the Liberal Sciences, particularly Geometry, written on his Heart; for even since the Fall, we find the Principles of it in the Hearts of his Offspring, and which, in process of time, have been drawn forth into a convenient Method of Propositions, by observing the Laws of Proportion taken from Mechanism : So that as the Mechanical Arts gave Occasion to the Learned to reduce the Elements of Geometry into Method, this noble Science thus reduc'd, is the Foundation of all those Arts, (particularly of Masonry and Architecture) and the Rule by which they are conducted and perform'd.
Year of the World I. 4003 before Christ
 No doubt Adam taught his Sons Geometry, and the use of it, in the several Arts and Crafts convenient, at least for those early Times ; for CAIN, we find, built a City, which he call'd CONSECRATED, or DEDICATED, after the Name of his eldest Son ENOCH ; and becoming the Prince of the one Half of Mankind, his Posterity would imitate his royal Example in improving both the noble Science and the useful Art.*
*As other Arts were also improved by them, viz. working in Metal by TUBAL CAIN, Music by JUBAL, Pastorage and TentMaking by JABAL, which last is good Architecture.
 Nor can we suppose that SETH was less instructed, who being the Prince of the other Half of Mankind, and also the prime Cultivator of Astronomy, would take equal care to teach Geometry and Masonry to his Offspring, who had also the mighty Advantage of Adam's living among them.+
+For by some Vestiges of Antiquity we find one of 'em, Godly ENOCH (who dy'd not, but was translated alive to Heaven) prophecying of the final Conflagration at the Day of Judgment (as St. Jude tells us) and likewise of the General Deluge for the Punishment of the World : Upon which he erected his two large Pillars, (tho' some ascribe them to Seth) the one of Stone, and the other of Brick, whereon were engraven the Liberal Sciences, &c. And that the Stone Pillar remain'd in Syria until the Days of Vespasian the Emperor.
But without regarding uncertain Accounts, we may safely conclude the old World, that lasted 1656 Years, could not be ignorant of Masonry ; and that both the Families of Seth and Cain erected many curious Works, until at length NOAH, the ninth from Seth, was commanded and directed of God to build the great Ark, which, tho' of Wood, was certainly fabricated by Geometry, and according to the Rules of Masonry.

 NOAH, and his three Sons, JAPHET, SHEM, and HAM, all Masons true, brought with them over the Flood the Traditions and Arts of the Ante-deluvians, and amply communicated them to their growing Offspring ; for about 101 Years after the Flood we find a vast Number of 'em, if not the whole Race of Noah, in the Vale of Shinar, employ'd in building a City and large Tower, in order to make to themselves a Name, and to prevent their Dispersion.
Anno Mundi 1757. 2247. Ante Chr.
And tho' they carry'd on the Work to a monstrous Height, and by their Vanity provok'd God to confound their Devices, by confounding their Speech, which occasion'd their Dispersion ; yet their Skill in Masonry is not the less to be celebrated, having spent above 53 Years in that prodigious Work, and upon their Dispersion carry'd the mighty Knowledge with them into distant Parts, where they found the good Use of it in the Settlement of their Kingdoms, Commonwealths, and Dynasties.
A. M. 1810. 2194. Ante Chr.
And tho' afterwards it was lost in most Parts of the Earth, it was especially preserv'd in Shinar and Assyria, where NIMROD,* the Founder of that Monarchy, after the Dispersion, built many splendid Cities, as Ereck, Accad, and Calneh, in SHINAR ; from whence afterwards he went forth into ASSYRIA, and built Nineveh, Rehoboth, Caleh, and Rhesin.
 *NIMROD, which signifies a Rebel, was the Name given him by the holy Family, and by Moses ; but among his Friends in Chaldea, his proper Name was BELUS, which signifies LORD, and afterwards was worshipped as a God by many Nations, under the Name of Bel or Baal, and became the Baccus of the Ancients, or Bar Chus, the Son of CHUS.