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 In these Parts, upon the Tygris and Euphrates, afterwards flourish'd many learned Priests and Mathematicians, known by the Names of CHALDEES and MAGI, who preserv'd the good Science, Geometry, as the KINGS and great Men encourag'd the Royal Art. But it is not expedient to speak more plain of the Premises, except in a formed Lodge.
 From hence, therefore, the Science and Art were both transmitted to latter Ages and distant Climes, notwithstanding the Confusion of Languages or Dialects, which tho' it might help to give Rise to the Masons Faculty and ancient universal Practice of conversing without speaking, and of knowing each other at a Distance, yet hinder'd not the Improvement of Masonry in each Colony and their Communication in their distinct National Dialect.
 And, no doubt, the Royal Art was brought down to Egypt by MITZRAIM, the second Son of Ham, about six Years after the Confusion at Babel, and after the Flood 160 Years, when he led thither his Colony ;
A.M. 1816.2188. Ante Chr.
創造後1816年 紀元前2188年
(for Egypt is Mitzraim in Hebrew) because we find the River Nile's overflowing its Banks, soon caus'd an Improvement in Geometry, which consequently brought Masonry much in request : For the ancient noble Cities, with the other magnificent Edifices of that Country, and particularly the famous PYRAMIDS, demonstrate the early Taste and Genius of that ancient Kingdom. Nay, one of those Egyptian PYRAMIDS* is reckon'd the First of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Account of which, by Historians and Travellers, is almost incredible.
*The Marble Stones, Brought a vast way from the Quarries of Arabia, were most of 'em 30 Foot long ; and its Foundation cover'd the Ground 700 Foot on each Side, or 2800 Foot in Compass, and 481 in perpendicular Height. And in perfecting it were employed every Day, for 20 whole Years, 360,000 Men, by some ancient Egyptian King long before the Israelites were a People, for the Honour of his Empire, and at last to become his Tomb.
 The Sacred Records inform us well that the eleven great Sons of CANAAN (the youngest Son of Ham) soon fortified themselves in strong Holds, and stately walled Cities, and erected most beautiful Temples and Mansions ; for when the Israelites, under the great Joshua, invaded their Country, they found it so regularly fenc'd, that without the immediate Intervention of God in behalf of his peculiar People, the Canaanites were impregnable and invincible. Nor can we suppose less of the other Sons of Ham, viz. Cush, his eldest, in South Arabia, and Phut, or Phuts, (now called Fez) in West Africa.

 And surely the fair and gallant Posterity of JAPHET, (the eldest Son of Noah) even such as travell'd into the Isles of the Gentiles, must have been equally skill'd in Geometry and Masonry : tho' we know little of their Transactions and mighty Works, until their original Knowledge was almost lost by the Havock of War, and by not maintaining a due Correspondence with the polite and learned Nations ; for when that Correspondence was open'd in After-Ages, we find they began to be most curious Architects.

 The Posterity of SHEM had also equal Opportunities of cultivating the useful Art, even those of 'em that planted their Colonies in the South and East of Asia ; much more those of 'em, that in the great Assyrian Empire, liv'd in a separate State, or were blended with other Families : Nay, that holy Branch of SHEM (of whom, as concerning the Flesh, CHRIST came) could not be unskillful in the learned Arts of Assyria ; for ABRAM, after the Confusion at Babel about 268 Years,
A.M. 2078. 1926. Ante Chr.
創造後2078年 紀元前1926年
was called out of Ur of the Chaldees, where he learned Geometry, and the Arts that are perform'd by it, which he would carefully transmit to Ishmael, to Isaac, and to his Sons by Keturah : and by Isaac, to Esau, and Jacob, and the twelve Patriarchs : Nay, the Jews believe that ABRAM also instructed the Egyptians in the Assyrian Learning.